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Working With a Travel Planner

Let's Escape! Vacations is cleaning up our offices and we’ve been reviewing old blog posts to see what might still be relevant. This is a blog post from 2018 but believe me, it is still very relevant.

A colleague of mine was doing a presentation for her business group and brought up a great point about how to work best with your travel consultant.

Would you walk into a restaurant, not look at the menu, and just ask the waitress for the cheapest thing on the menu?

If you do, you may not like what she brings you. Most people will first look through the menu, figure out what few items they might be interested and make a decision on which they want based on:

  1. what they’re in the mood for

  2. how hungry they are

  3. price or if it might be a dinner special with added things like free dessert

Dinner at a restaurant is much less expensive than a vacation. If you don’t like what you ordered and want to order something else, you can do that in